Look upon the petty nature of human life and wonder how bound we are to the enormous possibilities we limit after each of our conscious choices.

Do we become more humane after taking utilitarian decisions or when we sacrifice our theories for someone else’s pre-determined submissions to hormonal release and call it Love?

I think a human being is termed better than the other based on the number of lives he/she improves and motivates. I also noticed how this holds true only when he/she attains a global standard on success and perceives any future endeavors as a base understanding for improvement of the community and its inhabitants.

Is it possible that one raises a child who wouldn’t feel obligated to these standardized versions of love,loss and success? I would dream of people ready to risk it that way. As a rational thinker though, who wakes up every morning on getting rewarded for even the smallest investments, I would deny it already.

‘Let’s get everything going until something has to be done to keep it from not falling apart.’ This sentence nips ideas in the buds.

I have a problem with my evolutionary traits. Are we exhibiting as per the program or we just the part of that anomaly no one notices during their exceptionally short life span. Anything could have been possible.

It could mean the beginning of something we could build on or the down faced loaf of buttered bread some master just dropped on carpet earth. We get egoistic on our germination and term it a breakthrough. It could just have been the season of another till our fate destined to dry out of disembodiment with the roots.

But, as always, we all have problems with a lot more things and my concern over evolutionary traits would be of least importance. Here ends my brief monologue and the summary enslaving these tiring two decades of thinking about growing into a healthy plant out of a breadloaf.

Let’s get everything going until something has to be done to keep it from not falling apart.

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