After a really long time, maybe half a decade or so, I am happy that I exist. I am happy to love and get loved.

I am grateful to all the people who made me what I am today. Even those who hate me, without you, I would have been lost. There was a sense of purpose in living only because of you all.

Those who know me personally, I know I’ve been a real pain in ass of you all. But deep down, I never wanted to hurt anyone.

Maybe I wanted to be a part of something, and that made me try too hard for all the wrong things. I always wanted all of us to get better at what we do and keep striving for our goals.

From today, I’ll keep my eyes open to kindness. I will love and preserve. I will share and collaborate. I will help those in need and expose those who leech.

I will keep looking for ideas and never shut the mind off to my narrow understanding. I will treat you with respect.

I am ready to take on my responsibilities alone and am humbled to be able to dream in order to make a difference.

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