Everyone is same. With the same thing that interests the society and the same set up standard to maintain.

All of us look the same, set similar ambitions, want the same thing out of situations, get the same insecurities and feel exactly the same.

We don’t even set our aims independently, 10 years ago when you asked a child what you wanted to be, they would reply a doctor. Today, you ask a child the same question they will probably reply an artist or an entrepreneur. Answers might changed, algorithm has not. Things won’t be getting better anytime soon.

There are rarely a very few things you people have discovered yourself. All the life, you have spent on gathering recommendations. When you do the recommended tasks, you seek out social validations to make sure you are doing it the right way.

Why can’t people understand that the recommendations were all based on past interests and even the past interest weren’t based on your freewill?

Why can’t people understand there is no such thing as right or wrong? It’s all about whether you like it, or not.

As per today, if the majority likes it, It becomes the right thing and if the mass does not validate it, it becomes a weird thing.

You start getting questioned and out of despair you mix up with the herd and be one of them.

Oh where do I even stop!

My friends all look the same because apparently they all believe in the fine sized eyebrows and the same shade of foundations. They even know how to twist the facial structure and get the standard frail look models get on Fashion TV.

They have gathered all the punch line from the hyped movies and shows and now our talks have already been converted to some stage performance after a long rehearsal of some sort. We collect knowledge not to pass it on, but rather to not miss out.

Being updated for only to be validated has been mandatory, hasn’t it?

And with this – so predictable a world, what keeps you so fascinated to live, to achieve, to act a cooler dummy these days? What are the chances that you’ll get replaced by another person or even machine within a few hours?

The point is, your life has been some organization in many ways and the CEO changes your functions or products based on the market trend.

How many of you changed yourself to be liked by some dumb-ass crushes you had in high school? Are they even there in your life? Are your parents, who forced you to be spoon-fed, there to console you when you are frustrated by the hierarchy and bureaucracy at work?

Please don’t be that. Please be your own you.

Please dream on your own. Please be the ‘you’ you actually are.

We need you, not the personality imposed on you.

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