She remembers the day she met him again after years vividly. She had been very sad for a very long time. For her, everything felt temporary. Whatever she wished, whatever she attempted and succeeded with, all those futile yearning of being understood, everything was merely adding to her thirst that never seemed to be quenched.

Life had been a train passing by her, shaking her legs to its core as it did. The people inside the train, she waved goodbye to, never bothered to look back and smile. And as she lived those days of despair believing her existence is not enough for another human being, as she had almost given up on the whole concept of hope, then he turned up.

Little did they know, both their lives were gonna turn upside down from this moment on. It was destined to be.

The day they met, she wailed with laughter. It felt surreal to be laughing again. Her cheeks ached when she tried to turn sides that night. For the first time in years, she had something to wake up for. There was someone who would hear her out and call himself her friend. This is all about him from now on.

He was talking about guilt and its admission when they met. Something she could never relate to. He was trying to do right by people, something she admired in him. Days were good but nights were hard for him.

Lamentation and a search for acceptance is a very long journey and she could sense he was tired. She tried to comfort him all in vain while seeking her own destiny in the dark.

He had changed. He spoke very little now. Maybe life was cruel to him as well. Maybe it is to everybody. He had a good sense of humor, much better than hers at least. He was the only guy she knew capable of learning something faster than her. He loves coffee, cigarettes and movies. They talk about things for hours, and by things I mean the fragility of emotions, socio-economic differences , human complexes and the pain or pleasure of existence.

Recently, things have changed for him too. He smiles more these days. For someone who was bitter and harsh, he is getting very kind and considerate. He was someone who couldn’t sleep well for years, and yet he sleeps like a baby in her arms.

He has strong opinions about things concerning integrity and morals but he is flexible enough to consider situations. She doesn’t have to sell her self respect for a friendship anymore, as long as he is there, she will always find it more than enough.

Things are okay now. And it’s gonna be alright forever.

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