Who are We?

We all have different personalities based on the situation, people around and our state of mind. We perceive the same exact thing at varying times in different ways. It’s like reading the same book at different ages and perceiving the characters, story and morals in more than one way. We are one person to somebody we really click with but an entire another being with those who we wish weren’t around. So, who are we, deep down, when no one else is looking?

Some days we feel like we can conquer the world. Some other days we don’t even feel like getting out of bed. There are times we are angry and say or do things we aren’t proud of. We defend our actions by blaming it on emotions, “I was under a lot of stress, I was grieving for a loss, I was blind with ambition”. But are we just the reduced form of our emotions? Or are we Humane, who are allowed to feel everything without the prying judgemental standards set to our reactions?  

Is life merely a performance? A statistical mean of good and evil that will ultimately define the afterlife? Or is it the Present? The possible realities of the future are way too many in comparison to the single indestructible present. Maybe we should define somebody’s existence with a reference to time. And that is all my futile petit brain can comprehend. 

Maybe we weren’t supposed to be taking these things seriously. But the conscience we have keeps on pushing us to that end. What are we supposed to seek? And why is our conscience telling us to go for it. Are we the conscience? Then what advantage do people who take no action with their conscience have over someone without one? People alter their conscience with substances and mostly get away with it. “Don’t mind me, Its the alcohol talking”. Is it really the alcohol talking or just their other hidden personality that gets comfortable only when there are no consequences for their actions? 

I don’t know for certain but I think we are an average of all we were, are and will be. It is the state of our being everyday that matters. And as a matter of fact we are who we tend to be, despite the pedestal of good and evil we were born with.

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