Letting Go…

When we look back 

Let the grace be there

Mocking us for our naivety 

Teaching us lessons we missed

Memories that should tighten the knot

But only for things not meant to let go.

We have talked about letting go so many times. All say it is the key to move forward and forget things withholding us. But who are we to be the judge of that? Who are we to know what to let go and what to hold on. Isn’t the past just the reverse of the future? A mirror into it maybe!

If you are struggling to let go, this piece of my writing is not for you. This is a confession of my own self, a self that has no problem with forgetting and moving on. I find this personality of mine to be monstrous, somewhat less humane. I wish I had stronger attachment patterns than I currently hold. I used to fight so ferociously, now I just lay there like a lump of meat telling myself, “It’ll come to me if it is meant for me.” 

That’s all for today. I hope I get some sort of epiphany soon that dictates whether or not I feel like doing certain things. Until then, Adios.

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