The Pain subdues After a while, it stops scaring you

The constantly changing changes

Makes life it’s second degree derivative

Yet, you get through it,

As you have been flying higher.

Who did you expect to fight your battles?

That’s not a battle for anybody else

Just another ridiculous life choice.

For a while, there are people who assure

But nobody has your demons,

Nobody has your dreams

Most of them don’t have a dream to begin with.

Everyday you think, this is the lowest it gets

The next day life stoops even lower.

Who sets the ground for tolerance?

An old man once told you,

“Your pain is my water, I drink it everyday

Your expectations are my privilege, I yearn for it.

Your pleasure must be what heaven looks like”.

People, they are wonderful

As long as you don’t keep them around.

People drag people to their habits

There is no Individuality in groups.

You have got a rusty soul to begin with.

Nobody greases their hands for nothing.

In this ocean of solitude,

A drop of fire extinguishes,

A glint of ray hesitates

A gesture of kindness disappears overnight.

For this ocean of solitude,

Which all of us begin after a point

Submerges you to grow your wings,

And call it a boon or a curse,

The winner always stands alone.

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