Change is inevitable. We change everyday; some day little, some day a bit more.

The unidirectional marching of time makes everything its function. Concepts like stability and perpetuity are myth. The more you chase it, the more you find yourself changing, thus creating a process of contradiction.

The universe was designed to disseminate, to expand, to create combinations of chaos. We call it entropy in science.

Anything that exists is formed that way because of changes.

Force changes the state of a body. Art changes the state of mind. Energy changes the nature of any substance. All of these factors that induces change are also a product of some other changes.

Even when you sit still without actively being part of any remarkable activities, the metabolic and cardiac process gets carried on, the body is ever ready for reflex actions and subconscious thoughts. These changes do not consider your socio-economic and religious beliefs.

I remember a book, ‘Who Moved My Cheese’, I read a few years ago. It was based on something similar; our perception towards certain things changes around us.

I have friends who blame the government, or the God for the changes happening in our lives. The government, or corporations might be responsible to an extent, but the way we handle it is all within us. After a while, you accept it.

You accept the changes, even the unfair ones and anticipate a few more. After a while, in my experience, it does get easier.

There are three things I do with the changes happening in my life. Predict the changes, live with the changes and learn from the changes.

This adds a level of simulating interest in an otherwise meaningless life.

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