I’ve always got a lot to say. I don’t usually agree with how the world works.

I have learnt life is not fair to anyone and it would never be. That is why I write – to confront the chaos we live in. The peace we must make, and its price we have to pay. I aspire to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable with anything I create.

My major interests include technology, chess, philosophy and literature and thus spend most of my time tinkering around the same. I also love to watch movies and discuss them with my friends.

I lead a few companies that align with my vision i.e., betterment of human condition through technological advancements.

If you don’t see me with a laptop, you’ll probably find me playing chess in one of my many boards, or closing a business deal.

I’ve always been more curious than cautious, and that has served me pretty well. Well, mostly.

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